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Step 1

Once I receive your initial contact expressing interest in my Branding and Logo design services, I will follow up with an email that includes a link to a simple online consult form that focuses on learning more about you, your business, your goals, and your design needs.

Step 2

I will then follow up the online form submission with either a face-to-face, phone call or email to discuss the project in detail. This will also give you a chance to ask any and all questions you might have about the process to make sure we’re a perfect fit. More than anything I want to make sure i’m the right designer for you. This step may involve sharing Pinterest mood boards to make sure that we are on the same page.

Step 3

Once we have agreed on the project ahead and we are both confident that your design needs can be achieved you will be sent a project contract. This contact will include all project dates, deliverables, timelines, costs, Terms and Conditions and any other unique details as it relates to your project.

Step 4

Once the project contract has been signed and *project deposit paid (*if required) I will jump straight into the design process. This includes strategy and research, sketches and ideas.

Step 5

You will now receive round 1 of primary logos and secondary variation designs. You will receive between 3-4 unique primary logo and variation designs. From here, you will select your favourite logo choice. Once you select your favourite choice, you’ll be able to make any design edits, or change requests you’d like to make before I finalise the design.

Please be constructive and as specific as possible in your edits. Example: You LOVE logo #3 but you really love the font used in logo #1. OR, say you love the layout of logo #2 but want the fonts from logo #1 with logo 3’s brandmark. OR, you love everything about logo 1, but would like to tighten up the letter spacing or bolden/lighten up the font, that is perfectly feedback and directly applies to the design. Using these specific critiques, I can make the edits and changes as necessary so that I create your perfect logo.

Step 6

You will now receive the edits from round 1 via email - this is now called round 2 and is also your final round of edits as all requests will be applied to your final designs. No additional designs will be made from this point within the package. I include 2 rounds of designs/edits as i’ve found in most cases this is more than enough. If you need extra time, any additional design rounds will be charged at £25p/h until you are 100% in love with the final designs.

Step 7

We now have your perfect logo boxed off and I move onto creating the brand which includes your two sided business card, letterhead, compliment slip, Facebook timeline cover and profile designs. You will have chance to make edits to all of these if required.

Step 8

You will now receive your final designs following any edits. No additional designs will be made from this point within the package. If you need extra time, any additional design rounds will be charged at £25p/h until you are 100% in love with the final designs.

Step 9

A detailed guide breaking down the guidelines, styles and usage instructions for your new brand will be created to help you use each image and logo in the most impactful way possible. This includes colour codes and typography styling - although I of course want to retain you as a client I also understand that this is your brand and as such I believe you should have access to all material/designs to use as you feel. I have heard far too many horror stories of designers holding back brand elements which are rightfully owned by the client in the event of change.

Step 10

We’re done. You will receive a link to download all of your final design files in AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, and PNG file formats, as well as an all black, all white, and colour version of your logos, as well as a logo usage guide to help you know what files to use and where for the best brand presence.